The Solar Energy Revolution

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Sun Solar Energy (Pvt) Ltd., Is A Dedicated Solar Energy Solution Provider And Has Good Reputation In The Solar Energy Industry. Quality Products, Accurate Installation According To International Standards And Manners, Excellent Supervision Throughout The Installation Project, Unmatched Superior After Sales Service And Very Competitive Prices Are The Key Features Of Our Specialty. For The Past Few Years We Have Installed Range Of Solar Solutions From Household Solar Energy Solutions, Business And Industrial Solar Energy Solutions. We Have Covered Small, Medium And Large Scale Private And Government Sector Requirements Successfully.

Save Energy Save the World

Why Solar Power

Solar energy is considered as a renewable and sustainable clean green, eco-friendly energy.  

Save Money

When you invest in solar power, you’re investing in a future secured of affordable energy for your home or business. You’ll be receiving smaller monthly bills, no matter how small your solar installation is!

Save the Planet

Solar energy produces no damaging emissions that harm the environment. It’s a clean, healthy and renewable system that takes use of the most natural and powerful of resources: the sun.

No Monthly Commitment

Electricity never has a guaranteed price, they can increase and fall seemingly and consumers have no option but to pay whatever price is demanded. Solar energy on the hand, gives you an energy cost of 0 Rupees from day 1!

Increase your property value

When you invest in solar power, it adds its exact property value, or much more, to your home if you decide to sell it later on. Research has shown that buyers were ready to pay extra for a home with a solar panel system.

The Solar Energy Revolution

Sun Solar Solutions


The benefits of solar power to your home includes freedom to use energy the way you want to, without worrying about a high electricity bill or a negative impact on the environment.


Businesses can save thousands of rupees on energy every year, by choosing solar power. What’s more with net metering your business can actually “bank” the extra electricity and make money from that too!

Choose The Best Scheme

Solar Scheme

Start Save Money


Net-metering is a system which allows to have both the lowest electricity cost and continuing electricity supply when you have installed the solar electricity generator to the building which has electricity supply from the National Electricity Board.  


Save The Money Today

Under Net-Accounting system, customers can earn extra money when their exports are higher than imports for the billing month. The Government pays for extra units that are exported to the national power grid.  

Save The Money Today

With Net Plus, customers only need to pay for the total usage of imports for the billing month while the government pays for the total exports for the billing month.


Established Brand

Why Sun Solar

Introduce and promote world’s most trusted & best solar energy related products & technologies to Sri Lanka. 

Established Brand

Sun Solar Energy (PVT) Ltd is a reputed solar energy provider that provides dedicated services according to international standards. 

Product Excellence

Sun Solar Energy provides superior quality solar panels that come with a performance warranty of 25 years or more.

After Sales Support

We are highly concerned about installation procedures. We follow international safety and installation standards. 

Customized Solutions

Sun Solar Energy is ready to provide customized solar energy solutions as per your requirements. 

Newest Technologies

However, as per our ability to adopt new technologies as quickly as possible

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Come, join us and choose our solar energy solutions that are made using Australian and German technology and offered with complete warranty.